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Become a Chesterfield Partner

Create a business account and directly receive your own login code. This gives you exclusive access to your own Chesterfields business environment.

Benefits of Chesterfields B2B

As a Chesterfield Partner you gain access to a maximum discount. You buy the original Chesterfields with the Certificate of Authenticity directly from the manufacturer.

Largest Chesterfield Collection

Through Chesterfields production partners unique collaboration, B2B Chesterfield.com has the largest and most varied Chesterfield collection in Europe

B2B Chesterfield furniture

Below is a part of the Chesterfields collection of B2B Chesterfield.com

B2B Chesterfield FAQ

The B2B Chesterfield Knowledge Base

Who is B2Bchesterfield.com for

B2Bchesterfield.com is an e-commerce website for the business market. Here you can buy the real, authentic Chesterfield furniture with a maximum discount.

When you become a Chesterfield partner

You are automatically a Chesterfield Partner after receiving your personal login. This gives you exclusive access to your own business environment within the largest Chesterfield range.

Business ordering advantages

Buy Chesterfield furniture with a high discount from the entire Chesterfield.com collection. High discounts are also available in different Color and Size furniture.

Chesterfield Warranty options

Only as a Chesterfield Partner you do have the option of an extensive transferable warranty in addition to the standard legal warranty. Interesting for resale.

Transferable Chesterfield Warranty

B2Bchesterfield.com can covers the warranty liability when you resell Chesterfields. You can use this option during the order.

Prices from B2Bchesterfield.com

All prices on the B2Bchesterfield.com website are exclusive of VAT and Delivery. You can also pick it up yourself in our distribution center, by appointment only.

Purchase of the Original Chesterfields, only for the business market in the Netherlands.

Only via B2Bchesterfield.com you can reach the largest Chesterfield purchasing platform in the Netherlands.

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